Now you can safely have your unsightly facial veins removed with the clinically proven ThermaVein, the gold standard for facial vein removal.  ThermaVein is a radiofrequency treatment, an alternative to laser therapy.  Spider Veins, medically known as telangiectasia, are very common problems that can affect all ages.  Rosacea also has a distribution of veins, which can occur with or without redness on the nose, cheeks and chin and responds well to radiofrequency.

How it works:

A tiny probe, the size of a human hair, is rested above the vein to close it.  A 0.2 second pulse of energy seals the vein.  This is repeated along the length of the vein until it is permanently closed.  The vein wall is sealed preventing blood from re-entering the vein, permanently removing the vein.  Next, the blood is naturally absorbed into the body and the vein ceases to exist.

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