Newsflash on CO2 resurfacing- Reduce your downtime in half!

Everyone knows that the gold standard for skin resurfacing is the carbon dioxide laser. It removes lip lines, crows feet, and plumps up the skin by building collagen.  One drawback has always been the downtime associated with it. Newly, this can be reduced by half by applying Alastin, a new nectar that goes into the pores and removes old collagen and preps it for the new collagen that is made by the laser. Dr. Howlin and Holly discovered it at the annual conference for the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Due to popular demand for less downtime, we have kits available for $298 and note that the skin can be closed in as few as two days. It works best if you prep the skin by using it 18 days before the laser resurfacing. Now that’s a great improvement in downtime that allows you to get back to your regular busy lifestyle in as few as two days.

The kits include: Alastin regenerating skin nectar, sunscreen, cleanser and recovery balm.