September Specials- Don't let your hands tell your age

The hands are often a neglected area that can reveal one's age. Due to the skin on the back of the hand being thinner and more delicate, the signs of aging can develop even quicker and more noticeable than signs on the face.

*IPL Hands $95 (reg.$110)- Reduce brown spots, sun damage and fine lines. Improve the overall skin texture.

NEW *Restylane Lyft $625- Correct volume loss on hands due to aging. Helps reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

**Purchases 2 or more syringes of Lyft and receive a FREE sheer sunscreen!**

*Sheer Sunscreen (reg. $32)- SPF 50+- Pure physical protection for all skin types. Weightless and residue free. Protect your hands from future sun spots!

vitamin c.jpg

VITAMIN C 20% SERUM-$89 (reg. $105)

A lightweight serum that helps reverse sun damage. Use every morning on face and hands to achieve smoother and more radiant looking skin.


Provides enhanced long lasting moisture protection for skin conditions caused by frequent exposure to the elements or cleansers.