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Elevate- Uses concentrated acoustic based energy to increase collagen regeneration lifting and toning the face, neck and chest. Treatments are spaced 2 months apart for a total of 4. Lifting starts to occur over a 2-3 month period and continues.

HIFU before and after.png

* Lifts & tightens

* Tones & firms

*Improves fine lines & wrinkles

*No downtime

*****introductory special!***** 

Elevate~ Series of 4

Full Face or Abdomen- $1495 (reg. $3000)


SleekShapes~ Series of 10

Abdomen- $1995 (reg. $4000)

Other areas (thighs, upper arms, love handles, butt, double chin)- $1650 (reg. $3300)

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SleekShapes- combines the application of infrared light, radio-frequency energy, suction and a gentle massaging action. Effectively treats the appearance of cellulite and reduces fat on arms, legs, back, abdomen, chin and jowls. A total of 10 treatments every 3-4 days is recommended. 

*Fat & cellulite reduction

*Stimulation of collagen to smooth & tighten skin

*No downtime