June Specials!

Smartskin CO2 Laser

Full Face with Madonna Eye Lift $2,300 (reg. $2,700)

Start summer revealing a new you! A series of tiny pulses of laser energy will be applied to your skin.  As these microscopic holes heal, new younger looking skin is revealed and collagen is stimulated deep within your skin.


·         Reduce wrinkles

·         Treat brown spots

·         Smooth and treat uneven pigmentation

·         Treat dark under eye circles

·         Reduce pore size

·         Rejuvenate hands and neckline

WHAT IS THE RECOVERY TIME? In 5-7 days, you will be able to apply makeup on the treated surface and return to your normal lifestyle. 




(Botox for men)

$11/unit for 30+ units (reg. $13/unit)

Botox isn’t just for women! Everyone wants to look younger and more refreshed!


$550 (reg. $650) - Used for filling in wrinkles and creases. Lasts up to 12 month

  Micro-Needling with HYLA and Emerge Fractional Laser

Micro-Needling with HYLA and Emerge Fractional Laser

Micro-Needling with Hyla Active- $300

Reduce the signs of aging and improve the look and feel of    your skin!  Micro-Needling can treat- *Acne *Scarring *Wrinkles *Sun Damage *Stretch Marks *Pores * and More!

Micro-needling is effective on its own, but we boost the results by adding hyaluronic acid. This serum will nourish, smooth and tighten the skin. MINIMAL DOWNTIME!


A non-ablative skin revitalization for patients seeking a more refreshed look. You can expect to see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles resulting in a smoother, more resilient and even tone. Multiple treatments recommended for most desired results.


Procedures are not covered by insurance. Offer expires 6/30/18. First come, first serve. No rain checks. Restrictions apply. Ask for details.