Baby Botox

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The latest in Botox treatments for younger people and the reasoning behind it.

Young people are using preventive Botox. Botox is a neuromodulator which blocks the nerve signal to the muscle where it is placed. That stops the muscle from creasing the skin above it. People aged 20-39 now make up 20% of the population getting these services. The rationale is that when a muscle repeatedly contracts, the skin becomes wrinkled. Stopping the process by using Botox or other neuromodulator injections can prevent wrinkles.

Other important ways to prevent skin aging are: wearing a topical sunscreen containing zinc and using a retinol at night time.

Social media and America’s obsession with youth have contributed to the current increase in aesthetic services to younger adults. Additionally, Zoom meetings have made people more aware of flaws in their skin. Fixing them contributes to a sense of well being and relief of anxiety related to personal appearance.

Note that it is important when getting these injections that they are performed by a qualified trained medical professional who understands facial anatomy and medication use.

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