Ask the doctor….How do I get nice lips without looking strange?

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This is a daily question. Our lips atrophy and the corners of our mouths drop as we age. We want our lush youthful lips back. Yet we don’t want to look like a Hollywood celebrity with massively distorted overfilled lips. What can be done?

Three things can be done:

  1. Wear sunscreen daily. It needs to contain zinc or titanium.

  2. Use Alastin to the face around the lips so that the tissue is supported and healthy.

  3. Botox, Jeuveau or Dysport to the corners of the mouth to keep them from looking sad. This is the tiniest injection of 2 units. Worth it!

  4. Botox, Jeuveau or Dysport to the area surrounding the lips. This gets rid of lip lines and keeps the lip from inverting.

  5. Filler made of hyaluronic acid to the area around the lips and to the lips themselves. Good choices for this area are Belotero, Silk, and Juvederm.

  6. Laser to get rid of the vertical lines. It usually takes two or three times to drastically reduce them. Continue to use the Botox in order to not wrinkle the new skin.

  7. RF microneedling to get rid of the vertical lines. This is another good option and has no down time. Once again, keep up the Botox for lasting results.

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