Ask the doctor….What can I do to make my hands look better?

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As we age, our hands lose fat and appear veiny and old. They get age spots from sun exposure over the years. Many things can be done to undo the damage.

First and foremost: begin to care for your skin. Most people neglect their hands. My favorite for skin quality is a topical vitamin C serum. I have my own private labelled C serum that also has Ferulic acid, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to plump them. This serum reverses ultraviolet free radical damage to the skin. Sunscreen containing zinc is another essential during the sunny months.

Next, lasers resolve brown spots by shattering their pigment. IPL is my favorite one for this. It takes a few times to remove them if there are several spots. It’s also quite inexpensive at $115 per treatment.

Thirdly, fillers can take the bony, veiny look away and are a relatively new addition to the aesthetic field. I had mind done a few months ago and love them!

Bottom line: Most people take care of their face and not their hands which is why hands reveal a person’s age more than their face.

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