Ask the doctor…. What’s the different between Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport?

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I’ve often asked the difference between Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau brands of neurotoxin. There are nuances of differences which can make a difference to the individual patient. Dysport is the strongest and offers the least amount of movement after treatment. Botox is second. Jeuveau is a bit more flexible. Yet, in proficient hands, any of them can be made to do the task exactly as desired. Xeomin is fourth brand on the market that is weaker than the others.

One difference that mattered last month over the holidays is the time until onset. Dysport and Jeuveau start working in about 3 days and Botox works in 1-2 weeks. If a patient has an upcoming weekend event, choosing a quicker acting neurotoxin would allow them to look their best quicker.

Duration of action: 3-4 months. I haven’t noticed clinically that any brand outlasts another.

Occasionally I meet a person who no longer responds to one brand, as if the muscles became immune to it. I then recommend one of the other brands, which is a slightly different molecule and it works again.

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