Keep your summer glow.....but remove the sun damage.

Everyone needs to be on a retinol. A retinol removes sun damage: pigmentation and fine lines, as well as treating acne inflammation. You’re probably aware of Retin-A, the prescription topical medication for acne or for wrinkles. It’s designed for acne and can be very drying to adults. That’s why there are many formulations of retinoids, the main ingredient in Retin-A, but made more tolerable for adult skin. Our retinol comes in two strengths and contains green tea and antioxidants to further reduce skin ageing. Initially, choose a gentler strength and apply it to your face and neck three nights per week. Increase it as tolerated over several weeks. If you go too fast and apply it nightly, you’ll find your skin very dry and peeling in one week. That’s when patients most often will call and say they don’t tolerate it. Our response is to go slower. Then it’s always tolerated.