Hello June!


Oh my dear June! How much I have missed you!You know you're a Michigander when the first day of 60 degree weather you break out your shorts and flip flops and run to the nearest ice cream place. It seemed like the cold and gloom was never going away. But that is why I love the month of June the most. It seems to always hold a mixture of closures and new beginnings. Goodbye cold, rainy days. See ya later school and schedules. And hello beautiful weather and fun filled evenings and weekends. I have already updated our family calendar with adventures and activities. How easy to do when you are surrounded by beautiful lakes, wonderful museums and amazing zoos and festivals. In fact, my to do list is so long, I don't actually have enough free time to complete it all!

I will admit, I am usually the type to always be preoccupied. There's work during the day, cooking and cleaning to do at night. Weekends are great for tackling that ever growing to do list. Our "spring cleaning" we started three years ago. So what's different about this year? Oh what seems to always be the reason, my kids.You see, for mother's day my boys created a lovely picture for me. They were right, my favorite food is tacos. I was stumped why they thought my favorite color was brown until I realized they were thinking of the color of my favorite drink (if they make a Coke ICEE support group, I need an invite. I'm a regular at Speedway). I was so proud my boys knew their mama so well but when I got to my favorite thing to do......work. Don't get me wrong, I actually do love working. I love what I do. But my little babies should not think that is my favorite thing to do. Being with them is my favorite! So out came the pen and paper and I didn't stop with the ideas of family activities until my husband came home from work and I was able to show him our summer plans. Train rides, zoos, Sounds and Sights on Thursday nights, Chelsea fair and parade, going fishing, riding our bikes, whatever we can afford to do. I am determined to show my boys what my favorite thing to do truly is, building memories with them. 

Life gets busy. Work can be overwhelming. Projects can be exhausting. But don't let any of that consume you. June- it's a mixture of closures and new beginnings. I plan on having new adventures with my family. I plan on creating moments with my boys. And I plan on putting an end to the idea that my favorite thing to do is work.