Let me first say, I think all women are beautiful (and every man is handsome), especially those with a kind heart. But in this field, you often find yourself trying to defend what we do. So I want to be clear. What we do isn't about vanity or "fixing" imperfections. It's about building confidence, caring for ourselves and our bodies and most importantly, doing what makes us happy. 

I am not ashamed or embarrassed about the procedures I get done here. I am blessed with two beautiful boys. But having them certainly caused my body to change. I had two CO2s to tackle those stubborn stretchmarks. SleekShapes to tighten my wrinkled stomach. If it's a rough week… or month, then I believe I deserve a relaxing seasonal facial or rejuvenating H2O Quad Facial. These procedures help me build my confidence. They help remind me I am still the woman my husband fell in love with several years ago. They relax me so I have energy to entertain two toddlers. I am not ashamed or embarrassed for doing what I want to do. 

As for imperfections, those are what makes us unique. This is currently quite the topic in our household as we battle a few things with our five year old that definitely makes him unique and special. So when it's my turn to point something out, I point to this beautiful scar on the left side of my nose. How easy it would be to erase this scar with all the procedures we offer. But I don't want to. This imperfection, I love. I was born with it. My parents know me by it. And when my boys were little ones, they often asked to kiss my "boo boo". 

So embrace your imperfections. Love them and everything about yourself. We aren't here to fix you. We are here to build you. To support you. To showcase you. We will never tell you about your imperfections. Because you are already perfect. Just tell us what will make you happy. That's our goal. We want you happy.