My neck looks like a gobbler….

my neck looks like a gobbler 6263218497a35 Necks reveal our true age as they are generally neglected. Get ready for fall weather and start working on your neck. Most people take care of their faces by wearing sunscreen and using retinol and topical antioxidants. But our necks are neglected. Here are some great options on neck care. Combining treatments yields the best results.

Topical sunscreen daily. Make sure it contains zinc as a non chemical “mirror” to reduce exposure.

Neck cream: Ours has numerous peptides created by Trihex technology to build collagen and reduce lines/wrinkles.

Get brave: Use filler and Botox. Botox gets rid of necklace lines or vertical lines on the neck by relaxing the muscles underneath.

Fillers: Radiesse is a beautiful one that helps build collagen and improve the appearance of the skin.

Lasers! Yes, lasers. If your neck is in terrible shape, a CO2 resurfacing will help you make new skin and build collagen and elastin. It’s the most aggressive of our lasers and has about 4 days of down time. We advise having it done two to three times for best improvement. Additionally, there’s a product we sell called “Alastin” which comes in a recovery kit to shorten that substantially. Fall is the ideal time for resurfacing as sun exposure is reduced, and the newly formed skin is not damaged.

Thread lifts: Threads lift up the sagging skin.

Lipotherme: it’s laser liposuction which removes a double chin or tightens a sagging chin. This is my favorite for “one and done” as removing the fat is only necessary once. It has one day of down time, which isn’t bad for permanent results. If you have no down time to spare: Kybella dissolves fat, but must be repeated monthly for 2-3 times.

IPL: a type of light that gets rid of brown spots and makes texture and tone nice. Have this done monthly for 2-3 times and you’ll be very pleased at the appearance of your neck. And good new, there’s no down time.

Peels and Quadfacials: These remove the outermost layers of skin and help you to make new layers. Having monthly treatments keeps renewing the skin.

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