Patient/Provider Partnership Agreement

At Chelsea Medicine & Laser we are committed to life-long health and well-being for all our patients. To achieve this goal, we believe there needs to be a partnership between the patient and physician that is based on mutual respect and cooperation. This is a key component of a healthcare concept known as the “Patient Centered Medical Home.” Both the patient and the doctor share responsibility in this relationship.

We will work together to…

  • discuss and strive toward your lifetime health goals
  • take care of short term illness and long term chronic disease
  • achieve and maintain your health over your lifetime
  • provide high-quality, cost effective health care

As the patient, you will…

  • be open and honest in providing health-related information
  • contact our office to help coordinate your medical care as needed (referrals, etc)
  • agree to keep scheduled appointments at our office as well as with any specialists
  • follow the care plan that is agreed upon as best you can
  • ask questions if you do not understand any portion of your health care
  • be an active participant in your health care and pursuit of wellness
  • educate yourself about your personal health care benefits
  • notify us if your insurance, prescription coverage or financial situation changes

As your physician, I will…

  • respect your privacy and keep information confidential as per HIPAA regulations
  • be available to discuss your health care at scheduled office visits, during business hours, or if necessary, by phone after hours
  • offer flexible office hours to meet your needs
  • provide appropriate medical advice and information based on current recommendations
  • seek opinions from high quality specialists when needed for your care
  • engage in open and honest discussions of all treatment options with you
  • help to keep your health care affordable

At Chelsea Medicine & Laser, it is our goal to provide you with the highest level of patient care.  We welcome your feedback, encourage your health care participation, and look forward to working with you toward your good health.