Cold Laser Treatment for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Pain Relief

Low level laser therapy, or a “cold laser”, is a painless, non-invasive treatment that uses acupuncture points and biostimulation to achieve specific therapeutic goals. Treatment with cold lasers is FDA cleared for safety.

How does it work?

Low level laser therapy aims to bio-stimulate, like photosynthesis in plants. Particular wavelengths of light stimulate the body’s healing cells. The laser light helps injured cells return to their natural healthy state, allowing them to efficiently take in oxygen and nutrients and eliminate toxins. By directly treating the problem area with appropriate light, laser therapy helps the body to heal itself.

It is especially effective for chronic conditions or where the immune system is compromised, as it can kick-start a stalled healing process.

Phototherapy lasers generate artificial light and amplify it into intense, divergent beams of light. This allows for a safe and therapeutic application. Low level laser therapy cannot burn or harm the skin or soft tissues. The effects are ‘photo-biochemical’, not thermal.

Laser therapy achieves improved outcomes and rapid healing for many physical injuries and pain syndromes. Low level lasers also provide an alternative needle-free acupuncture medium.

Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture points are used to target addiction and therefore help in the fight to stop smoking. Treatment involves one session and we offer a free “touch up” treatment if cravings return. Patients can relax during the treatment, as you will feel nothing. Our success rate for smoking cessation using the cold laser is 62% at one year, compared with only 7% of those who give up smoking unassisted.

“That laser really helped me quit smoking. It made me not feel tense and angry. It made me feel relaxed. Being able to come in for the booster helped too. My boyfriend also did the laser treatment at the same time and we’re saving so much money not smoking. I save $240 per month and he saves $360 per month.” – Kelly M., Patient

Weight Loss

The cold laser can also target acupuncture points for satiety, thus curbing cravings for food and helping with weight loss. Usually one or two treatments are needed to feel the effect of the cold laser on appetite.

Pain Relief

The cold laser has also been used to help relieve acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Low level laser therapy optimises the speed of repair in acute injuries but also stimulates the body’s repair processes in cases of non-healing or chronic conditions. The laser helps the body’s damaged cells to regenerate, thus reducing the inflammation associated with injury and pain. The treatment itself is also painless and several treatments are recommended to achieve the best possible pain relief.

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